Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 1 Assignment: Focus on strong line

First Exercise: Focus on strong line
I did not feel up to going out today, so I set up these items on my kitchen table. The Bennington Pottery soup bowl on the left is a lovely blue and a personal favorite of mine from waaay back. I also included a family heirloom honey jar and my mother's china tea mug. The Hachiya persimmon is a seasonal favorite. So there is a lot of nostalgia at work in my selection of items and I felt connected with the drawing in a way that I had not expected.

I decided to use the Lamy Vista EF pen today. This is the first time in several years that I've used it and I learned that the angle of my wrist needed to create a good line is too difficult for me (result of a a wrist injury). My pen line felt insecure and it shows. I'm used to adjusting my line in pencil, so I felt that I was working against myself and it felt awkward. I used Sennelier WC for the color spot. I think that the overall composition is good. But I definitely need to work on drawing circles in perspective. This was a good exercise that pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Second Exercise: Use pencil to create strong line & add a single color
I decided to simplify the setup for this exercise and I'm glad that I did. It took longer than I expected to add the color. But I'm pleased with the overall effect and composition. I used the Derwent Sketching Wash HB to do the initial sketch. Then added Rexel Derwent WC pencil in Blue Grey with an additional wash of Sennelier WC in Payne's Grey to darken shadows. Need to work on values to create rounded shapes.

Exercise 1: Line using pen with spot of color
on Canson drawing paper

Exercise 2: Line using pencil with addition of single color
on Canson drawing paper using Daniel Smith watercolors


  1. Hi Carmela! Thank you for the heads up about your blog! I will add it to my Feedly so I can keep up with all your posts. Lovely sketches. Your lines are beautiful and I absolute love the Orange yellow spot color. It really pops!! Also the Derwent blue-grey was a great choice. It really enhances the volume of those items and the shadows and refections. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks for your positive feedback. Where are you located? Do you have a blog or are you on Flicker. When I get a free moment I will try again to set up an account.

  2. Sorry not to get to see your work on Flickr, but it is sort of nice here, as I get to read more of your notes without so much competition. Your work is beautiful! Do join is free, after all, and you can ignore it after the class if you wish. I am amazed at all of the nice work....lots of experienced artists and lots of beginners. I know I feel like a beginner, so we all fit together well. Thanks for giving us this chance to see your gorgeous work.
    Dee Ludwig

    1. Dee-thank you for your thoughtful and complimentary comments. There has been a technical problem with my joining Flickr--believe me my husband & I did try. If I continue with other courses I will try to join Flickr again. I've enjoyed reading and responding to comments on the course blog and do feel part of the group.