Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 9 Assignment: Framing the view

Image #1: Using the Viewfinder
Using a viewfinder is not new to me, but using one divided in thirds is. I was satisfied with the first assignment which was to draw to draw some desk items. Using a reference point really helped to maintain the same viewpoint.

Week 9 Assignment: Using the viewfinder

Image #2: Framing the View--Edges and Shapes
I traveled to a local shopping center for this part of the assignment. The colorful buildings seemed ready-made for learning to use the viewfinder on location. However, it was more difficult than I expected--there is a lot of complexity in the view. Getting the angles of the receding buildings correct was crucial as Liz had mentioned. You can see the correction of the blue roof in Image #3.

I used the horizontal and vertical formats, focusing on edges first and then shapes. I intend to try again because drawing buildings is not my forte (or my main interest.) I included some figures in Image #3 to provide scale to the buildings. I used ink and colored pencils on Aquabee Super Deluxe sketch paper in all the sketches.

Week 9 Assignment: Image #2
Composing the view--edges

Week 9 Assignment: Image #3
Composing the view--shapes

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