Friday, March 13, 2015

More People in Motion 2015

I am continuing to focus on applying the techniques taught in the first 3 lessons of Marc Taro Holmes's online Craftsy course. My drawn line is becoming more fluid and I am becoming more comfortable sketching in a smaller format. Marc's process for capturing a moving figure is very helpful. Now more practice! 

At an uninstructed drawing session, we had the challenges of trying to capture a juggler turned musician/singer. Here are my efforts...

Contact juggling ball moving along the arm's surface
Pen on newsprint

Juggler with 3 balls
Graphite, ink pen, ink wash on newsprint

Juggler turned musician/singer
Graphite, ink pen, ink wash on newsprint

Juggler setting up dominoes: ink pen over graphite in
Fabriano’s EcoQua sketchbook (5.75 x 8 in.)

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